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4ISIS ISIL are ostensibly the initials for ISLAMIC STATE Iraq & Syria, ISLAMIC STATE Iraq & Levant: or (further speculation) Israel Secret Intelligence Service; Israel Secret Intelligence Service is a stretch beyond the belief or presumption of there being intelligent life forms functioning on behalf of Israel...


The militia leaders of the ISIS/ISIL organization seem to be more or less derelicts of the Associated Pressalong with the grandchildren of what were defense contractors and military officers: young men with military backgrounds due to family relations or previous military enlistmentand the grown-up insurgent children of both the USA Gulf War Desert Storm and Iraqi War conflict.


The Gulf War timeline is declared as August 1990-February 1991, though Operation Desert Storm did not officially end until November 30, 1995. The USA Iraqi War invasions official date is March 2003 and the withdrawal December 2011, but the insurgency situation never really changed: it just adapted to each new generation and geography of insurgent born youth.


The leaders of ISIS/ISIL militia learned insurgency from their parentsforced out of Iraq as children of insurgents and to burden Syria, Turkey, Iran, Israelduring two recent US confrontational wars: and/or from being at varied geographical areas of Southwest Asia at an early age as witnesses to insurgency with working military related families. Its doubtful a majority of the ISIS/ISIL would choose to support a more civil society, even if those opportunities were available.


Other (more civil) opportunities are not available: producing civil opportunities for their selves seems too hopeless and its not like that (ISIS/ISIL leaders) perception or intuition is all wrong; for every one person of Southwest Asia that can generate the intellectual (physical health) sufficiency to support civility, another one thousand cannot.


The persons united as ISIS/ISIL have only managed to secure attention to justify financial (weapons, food, shelter supplies) support by being an insurgent militiaan insurgency fueled by the villainous and vilifying imagination of the Associated Pressof thieving bad actors doing an extended and extensive rotten road show; persons stifled by the conventional covert violence of British, American, Australian, etc., homelands are instigated into ISIS/ISIL because of already profound covert acts of violence or the promise of greater reward for overt violence overload: to explain the disappearance of both victims and attackers at those homelands, an ISIS/ISIL alibi seems to be accepted as a plausible excuse.


The enthusiasm for ISIS/ISIL as horror mongers is motivated by more than a few parents and politicians who have forced their own kin and kind to desperation by evil efforts to steal inheritance and insurance money; young men are sadistically swayed to participate in their own pretentious beheading (s): but its explained to them as being for undue life insurance money or to steal by switching to another (said to be wealthier) identity (rather than so ma & pa can try to rob sonny boy and politicians can try robbing ma & pa for trying to rob sonny boy)...


Many persons amongst the ISIS/ISIL have been persuaded to publicly declare themselves as traitors to the country of their citizenship: USA law establishes the punishment for treason to the USA as execution; if ISIS/ISIL were really executing (at least the American traitors) US traitors, it would seem the militia is upholding USA law at Southwest Asia... Yet, the beheadings presented thus far seem too staged or pretentious enough to cast doubt upon ISIS/ISIL for enforcing USA law abroad.


To offer a conclusive summation: ISIS/ISIL is the result of biological (physically deteriorative) criminal insanity or mass civil retardation; it is mostly a fabricated manifestation of psychotic plotting. And the bulk of the damages done are through aggressive acts justified as for the destruction of ISIS/ISIL. Consequently, the defensive destruction of ISIS/ISIL is the logical cause for furthering aggressive military lead to bleed action: because...


The millions of persons responsible for promoting and evolving ISIS/ISIL cannot generate or cause the talentsanity, technical skills: intellectual abilityto sustain or support civil livelihood at their own countries nor abroad, even if what is preferable civil livelihood could be decided rationally amongst them.


4What are the reasons for the initials, ISIS & ISIL, to be news worthy lately: or for what do the initials really stand?! Other than not for one nation united under God... An exact answer for what is ISIS or ISIL cannot be determined from one factor to another: an interesting bit of off the wall was found at a Ben Shapiros Truth Revolt www.truthrevolt.org,  (12/12/2014) the most notable aspect was/is the alleged transcript of an Egyptian TV interview with Jamal Al-Din Ibraham’ (11/19/2014: excerpt www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/4665.htm) Al-Din has declared previous employment as a professor at the University of California (which school? or old school): there seems to be no validity for Al-Din having a say at all... But Al-Din supposedly has anyway: it was purportedly John (US Senator? Former Vietnam POW?) McCain funds (funded) the organization ISIS (ISIL) with the assistance of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi who is actually (faux-actually) a preposterous Jewish man legally named Simon Elliot. Trained by a Mossad (?!): SimonDadi speaks AP (Associated Press). The wonderful thing about supplying an ANSWER for those inquisitive about ISIS/ISIL is no amount of rhetoric can seem more absurd than whats already been digressed (really: John McCain cannot even pay his own electric bill).




3By degrees (1st, 2nd...): the insanity of realizing an end to the seasons or a consistent condition of Global Warming is second only to the crazier concept of Climate Change...


Seasons are caused by the Earths proximity to the Sun: a consistent pattern of global warming/coolingand stages in between—is called seasons because physical laws (physics) dictate (decide: not peoples opinions, psychotic delusions or pretensions) the reality of Earth.


The Earth orbits closer to the Sun during the season titled Summer but after a brief period of time, the internal core of the planet is stimulated to a higher temperature because of that nearer (to the Sun) orbital position; without will nor an ability for cognitive choice, the Earths increased internal core temperature (caused by orbiting close to the Sun) forces the planet further away from the Sun and this physical reality is titled Fall. The Earths core temperature is still risingescalating a higher heat generationduring Fall as a delayed or prolonged reaction to the Summer months; the rising internal core of the Earth continues to force the planets orbit further away from the Sun until it culminates its repulsive reflex to a season called Winter: the internal core temperature of the Earth is the highest (hottest) during the Winter season and that is the only reason the planet is orbiting further away from the Sun.


After orbiting at a greater distance away from the Sun, the Earths internal core temperature begins to cool slightly and this result is titled Spring: the reaction of the planets declining internal core temperature continues until the Earth can no longer maintain Spring as a greater a distance from the Sun or consequently, cannot repel itself from orbiting closer to the Sun until (then) its Summer and summertime fun again: [musical quote] And so on and so on and scoo be doo be doo be."


Desert Rose Canyon San Diego CA


REALITY!!! Like it or not:  the Equator cannot be relocated; dismantling the mountain ranges, moving the deserts and either depleting the oceans/seas (or by any other name) or trying to find some other place to put them is not a realistic opportunity. For Earth to experience a drastic overall Climate Change: the entire shapethe physical form or structureand the geographical developments of the planet would have to change first; the ambition to altercate the planet from round to a triangle or square is impossible and it physically cannot (ever: never) be done.


The Global Warming and Climate Change movementlike the (physically: mentally) unstable characters responsible for the psychotic promotional premonitionhad ulterior motives unrelated to the benefit of mankind or the welfare of Earth; it wasnt only to attempt an alibi to falsely justify the melt downthe sale of melted Arctic and Alaskan glacier water down the pipeline to lower US states to enable further abusive fresh water wasting activitydisappearance of glacial (huge ice deposit) formations... It was a fraudulent money making schema (scam) with an even darker (direful) underbelly of criminal insanity: predatory persons premeditated solicitous stalking of any mentally incompetent persons amongst the planetary public at large, much like prickly thorns trying to census which ones were thorny pricks. When the psychotic plot was presented, 95% of the public did not apply a physics rebuttal and in fact, the majority offered no argument to conclude their selves as educated rather than completely crazy. 


During the past 20 years, California State Water Board has explained northern California released water allotments for San Diego (etc.) as being predominantly snow melt from up north and the publicly persuaded (manipulated) presumption is up north meant the mountains of California: year after yearby traveling the length of the stateonly an unstolen fraction of the allotted water release flowed into San Diego Countys only new (2003) Olivenhain Dam and that agreement has been declared as disrupted due to emergency statewide drought; as of 2014 and 2015, essentially no water wasor is beingreleased from northern California for San Diego County.


Lake Hodges Dam was completed around 1911 but San Diego Countys oldest dam was built during 1888; the dam (s) is breaking and whats coming out is not water: whats on the loose is physical and engineering inadequacy and/or overall dam incompetenceA prerequisite for gaining dam employment has consistently been the ability to walk ten (10) miles per day and climb up/down ladders, etc. The dams across the US are seriously deteriorating and there is not an adequate work force to apprehend the decay: 100 years ago, a very large number of Americans opposed damming rivers and creating reservoirs for supplying the mass public with household tap water; the objection was the public could not be trusted with water conservation and care. Unfortunately, that prophecy is now proven fact.


San Diego is at the end of the barrel: the empty bottle syndrome starts with the increased agriculturally reliant population at Californias Central Valley. Fresnos population is now estimated at nearly two (2) million persons or near equal to San Diegos: the Northern California and Central Valley population has (roughly) quadrupled during the past twenty (20) years... The millions of California agricultural growers near the waterways between north and south cannot reasonably be expected to go without ample water for their owngrowing crops, bathing, clothes washing, cooking, drinkinglivelihood: to allow San Diego County residents that fresh water to grow illegal Bermuda grass lawns and to flush toilets in order to drink or shower with reclaimed toilet water?!. Rather than furthering convulsions by trying to live in the past, even the lowest (gutter rat) minded persons should realize fresh water disparity as a constant now and for the future.      


April 3rd, 2015...

3 The first of day April is always for any foolfooling or fooledbut whats happened to the many fools for Global Warmingand/or the crazies of Climate Change:  if a person has wondered why IT doesnt seem to be (so much) the latest news any longer and what?! (did) does all that insanity have to do with the Western Hemispheres current ongoing (manmade) DROUGHT... And/or if a person failed to realize ending the seasons and changing the (actual) physical shape of the planet was an infeasible (action) concept:  going for the ANSWERS  (arrow button below) might be enlightening.

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2During February 2015 (reference Microsoft websites online posting), a Microsoft updatefor Windows 8. “upgrade to Windows 8.1 crashed almost all the newly consumer purchased computers with factory OEM installed Windows 8 & 8.1... Windows 8 & 8.1 factory installed without (sans operating system installation resource media: cd/dvd from the manufacturer) a reinstallation resource is allegedly not the exact same system as a Microsoft resource licensed 8 or 8.1 and the reason might be Vincent Yip (rhymes with gyp) Hong Kong, No support for USA customers.


But for sane comprehensionbeyond that bit of trashy triviaabout why any of that relates to the payment page (s) debacle at the websites of (not only) USPS, REI, BackPage, Yahoo... Crashing computers by a (psychotic) 128 Bit Encryption plot dates back to Windows 2000: the most notable case (here at San Diego CA) being the corruption of GateWay Computers.   


There is an exact explanation for what is bit encryption and why a 128 bit infracted hard drive is not better than the modern industry standard 56 bit HDDor drive (of any related sort). Abitis an electronic impulse (Quarky Quirk Qif: quarky quirk) and about 8 bits is a single byte: bit encryption is the number of bits required for most computer (mechanical: this is supposedly not necessarily true for real non-hybrid solid state) drivesnot to be confused with RAMsto activate the functional processing power of a computers Gigahertz (GHz) ability. A computers hard drivesolid state hybridor solid state memory storage capacity is listed by GBs (Gigabytes) and approximately one billion bytes equals a GB of HDD/HDDSSH/SS memory storage capacity.


RAMor Random (Rapid) Access Memory is a computers temporary storage capacity installed to externalize accessible memory outside of themechanical: mechanical hard drive solid state hybrid or solid statedrive itself; most of the (for consumer purchase and use) computers now have either (best) 64 bit encryption or 32 bit encrypted RAM. RAM is the area for both incoming & outgoing external interaction; it is somewhat like the skin of a person: its the first thing to acknowledge or be acknowledged by an outside source and its the front line of communication and defense against outside sources.


The (nano-like) second an outside sourcesuch as Internet/Ethernet connected Microsoft sourced update/downloadqueries a computers RAM for an entrance into the computers hard drive (via the computers RAM), the computers drive (mechanical: mechanical solid state hybrid or solid state drive) encryption begins to react; before an outside source can reach the computers drive, it must electronically pulse through the bit encryption of the computers RAM. If the RAM is 64 bit encrypted and the drive is operating at a 56 bit encrypted rate, the risk of corruption from an outside invader is very slightunless a person disables the drives ability by installing 128 bit encryption softwarebecause a 56 bit encrypted drive activates the firewall and/or anti-virus software faster than any 64 bit encrypted incoming or invading source can get to the firewall. If theres a race to a finish line and the unharmed entity is the one who reaches the line first, the entity that survives unharmed is the one that can get to that line by electronically pulsing only 56 (bits) times versus the one that must accomplish 64 electronic pulses (bits)...


So, when USPS and comrades of deceit explain a revival necessity for making sure 128 Bit Encryption is installed on the hard drive, that admonishment is the equivalent of dictating the need to disable a computers firewall and negate any anti-virus software. The biggest insult for the computing (online) industry has got to be install Google Chrome or the new Fire Fox, if a person wants to enable paying for postage stamps, buying a canteen or posting an advertisement online about other worldly knowledge and the realization of psychotic hostile mutants who arent fit enough to squat: because (at least) INet Explorer 7-8 is too secure as an online browser for paying by credit card, electronic check (s) or even for doing e-mail to/fro an online account at their websites...


And despite promises of never againas of April 2014Microsoft sent a (hatefully sarcastic merry XPS-mas) December 2014 update to remove anti-virus software: the optimal response was/is quickly clear the RAM, immediately close any drive installed software programs, log off, unplug the computer from any power source and/or also remove the battery for at least the following four hours.


It worked: despite the notice that MS would be installing the update within fourteen minuteslike it or notthe update failed and a fine computers ability was spared degradation to death. The naked news is most computers were not as fortunate: since an estimated 70% of the public still use INet Explorer 7-8 as an online browserand the MS February 2015 upgrade/update crashed about 75% of all the 8 & 8.1 MS operating system computersnearly no one (as of now) can pay for goods & services online via the INet at way too many wicked websites. From casual statistic gathering: about 99% of all persons owning new 8 & 8.1 MS operating system installed computers can turn those computers on/off; web surfing? e-mail? shopping? NO: ON/OFF!


The nice news is no amount of motivation or money has excited Dellnor Microsoftto sell one to this customer. And what still worked (as of last week) at a local FedEx storefor 30 cents per minutewas a public rental Microsoft Windows 7 (Pro or not is unknown, but a Windows 7 Pro downgrade option with the purchase of a Windows 8.1 license is technicallyby any legal standarda Windows 7  Pro license) with Google Chrome (something) as a browser.      


[2USPS overall (collectively) or by departmental deficiency has apparently decided the best opportunityas of nowis for USPS web (site) devels to pay damages for the loss of USPS revenue caused by USPS web devels browser insanity and/or 128 Bit Encryption revival: is it even possible that demanding restitution from the USPS web devels for estimated income losses will earn more money for USPS at this time versus a full functioningunblocked for INet Explorer 7-10 payment accessUSPS website accepting payments for shipping, postage stamps & P.O. boxes?!]






1 There are many reasons for why or how a person can cause both real short and long term memory deficiency: a  primary (#1) but not necessarily sick reason is just NOT REMEMBERING activities, ideasdreams and realizationsor incidental experiences from the start; its not that something was forgotten so much as it was just not purposefully remembered.


An example of this: if counting how many steps it takes to get to/fro a designated place, its likely a specifically counting person will be able to recall the number of steps it took to get to and from that designated place. If walking a different route without counting the number of stepsor walking while thinking about whats for dinner and how celery alone seems too distastefulits likely a person will have NO CLUE as to how many steps the alternative route took from the start to a finish line...


While exercisingdoing leg lifts, tummy toners, toe touchesif a person is thinking about something other than counting the exercises, that person will most likely lose countor have no recall ability for how many repetitions of the exercises were completed because the person did not (try to) remember how many. Common (day to day) or automatic like activitieslocking car doors or turning off kitchen lights before bedtimeare often completed without a person paying any attention to those specific (frequent) repetitive actions. Getting upafter going down for sleepto check if a coffee pot timer setting was not forgotten can be a resulting behavior from just not remembering an action from the start. (An excerpt from a critical poem (TYF, 1985) referring to the persistent inability to realize physical function and limitation: It cannot be something they did not know, just something they forgot...


Remembering is an exercise itself: unless a person manually enters save a file on a computer, most computers cannot recall what was a file or a file activity performed either! But unlike an inanimate (non-living object) computer, there are many other organic (natural or made of living/dying stuff) factors that effect how well a person can remember (record/register in the brain) or recall directions, instructions, eventful happeningsnames, games, faces, placesetc. Its fairly safe to consider a person is not necessarily sick if an individual can recall not remembering something (such as: remembering forgetting to buy an item after leaving a store is not insane).


BLOOD CIRCULATION: without adequate blood circulation, a brain cannot properly developcontinue to develop without mutation and gross atrophyor function; for neurons to manifest dendrites capable of activating a synaptic response from existing cellsor for brain cells to even exista person must chronically cause adequate blood circulation. Brain cells do not and cannot continue to existwithout gross mutation and atrophybecause of deterioration caused by long term bulimic ingestion:


Answer Caution processed oils (liquid plastics) Anwers Salt sodium chloride (sea salt: iodized table salt, earth salt); processed oils and fat isolates combined with sodium chloride can only form capillary clogging indigestible cheese or bar soap PLAQUE.


 Blood sucking face of yeast (blood sucking dehydrating/hyper-inflammatory yeast) yeasts; Animal Genes growth hormones of genetically different animals from the ingestion of dead animal meats and juiceselemental toxicity from the blood chemistry of large dead animal meat juiceformaldehyde (embalming fluid) and other (same effect) chemical (or concentrated isolates of elemental) preservatives...


An individual is not capable of proper brain (physical: mental) processingliterallywithout ample blood circulation;  inadequate blood circulation or extreme cardiovascular damage is mental illness caused by mentally illincompetent personal care: consistent improper (anatomically incorrect or wrong) self-destructive (bulimic) eating and erroneous exercise habitsbehavior.



The most common kinds of otherother than ingestion of toxic food/drink stuffsphysical activities that cause severe cardiovascular damage:


Answers NoBiRuMaBoBu

long distancewithout frequent stop and stretch breakspeddle (cycling) biking; long distancewithout frequent stop and stretch breaksrunning or heavy body building weight liftingregardless of stop and stretch breaksto altercate appearance without regard for the consequences of anatomical delusion (s).


A large contributing factor to extreme cardiovascular damage is the manifestation of destroyed capillaries resulting from chronic capillary constrictive and intentionally destructivefrequent and lengthy blood circulation reductive activityactivity: arteries and veins supply the blood to the capillaries, but the tiny capillaries are the feeding tubes that are the only cause for tissue (bone, organ, muscle, etc.) growth and sustenance from blood hydration, oxygenation and/or nutrition. To existto not remember or to record and recalla person must consistently cause adequate blood circulation.




CRIMINAL INSANITY: persons who have caused themselves gross atrophy/mutation of the brain, do not growor are missing it from gross atrophy and cellular mutationthe gray matter many scientific researchers have associated with civil behavior ability. The evidence of a lack or lessened brain matter has been considered as human for nearly a full century (as of 2015): the definition of human was/is a variety (Homo sapiens) amongst primate evolved people and of the same species as man or woman. There is no single cause of the varied distinction for brain development decided unanimously amongst those who might care and largely due to so many contributing factors.


It seems a great influence for deficient brain development is the consumption of bovine/ruminant (dairy animal) milks at the onset of life and then the consistent consumption of dairy animal milk products combined with frequent ingestion of bovine/ruminant meat... Most infants and children are (unfortunately) fed large quantities of cow/goat milk which instigates mutated cellular production because of the growth hormones to be a bovine/ruminant: every single cell of a person who has consumed bovine/ruminant milksover an extended period of timedeveloped bovine/ruminant related genetic trait (established) cells; the introduction of eating beef can quite literally parlay into perpetual self-destructive tissue loss and/or severe brain vitiation not just resulting from the formaldehyde (Vitamin A & Vitamin Dfortified: isolate of beta carotene and isolate of chlorophyll combined or embalming fluid within processed cow/goat milks) induced cardiovascular damage. Tuberculosisevolving to worm manifestationis the posthumous bacterium that can become viral, if it secures a consistent decaying bovine/ruminant related food source.


Criminally insane or civilly retardedbrain deficienthumans often LIE ABOUT NOT REMEMBERING their own behavior or actions because they erroneously think” (or believe without factually supportive data) they are tricking other identities into not remembering what those others have doneare doing or doand the efforts of that trickery are for harming (taking unfair advantage) of those others by murder, deceitful robbery and identity theft; this is a classic symptom of posthumous bacterium (molecularly) induced psychosis, HIV/AIDS. But those others are not really persons;yeastsbacterium that can become viraland other fungi related identities can manifest internally as genetically simpler insect larvae and/or maggots (TRUB: cancerous malignancy).


If an individual is plotting a constant delusional multiple personality disorder by psychotically presuming other persons can be in or are inside the life of a mentally (physically) ill individual and/or vice versafor any reason or not just for the sake of murder/robbery and identity theft in order to attempt an escape from the necessities of self-supporttypically such a criminally insane identity can recall what the other presumed aliases have done (or not), but might also be dishonest about memory to struggle an undue reward by fraud and to avoid repercussion for any or all behavior. SICK: such an ill life form has reasons but those reasons are insanenot feasible as a means for supportive sustenance or not even physically possibleand can only cause faster decomposition, greater impoverishment and/or worse intellectual (physical) decline.


So, forget it: only corpsesor decomposing (dead & dying but not yet totally deceased) individuals fast on the way to being corpsescan deficiently cause others to exist inside their own (but not other) lives and those others are not people; any effort for psychological manipulation or thought and memory persuasion is ridiculous ravage.


[1. A man called on the telephone to say he’d seen me about six months ago; he wanted to schedule another appointment (for session time): I said high noon would work for me. He said he’d forgotten how to get here... And then he said he could not even remember what he did yesterday (nor the day before); SICK or SANE?!]


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